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Welcome to our site!

 Alabama Hope Academy is very happy and thankful for being one of the oldest church cover schools in the state of Alabama.
We provide legal covering for the entire state of Alabama. "Cover" School means we are your school.
We provide transcripts, and diplomas to our graduating members. 
Once you withdraw your child from public school and enroll with us  you will no longer be part of public school system at all. You will only follow Alabama Hope Academy requirements rules etc. 

We do NOT require any statement of faith, or any particular study curriculum. But we do have helpful links to ones we have used ourselves, and like.  

We have not had any dispute, disagreement, or problem at all with any superintendent in the entire state of Alabama for many many years. 

We have never had any college, military branch, or employer refuse our transcript or diploma.
(Parent must make sure we have correct grades, info, etc., for such)

 We are located in North East  Alabama in the county of Dekalb.

If you live anywhere in the state of  Alabama you may enroll with us.

Homeschoolers can now be legally enrolled with AHA within minutes.
 Legal parent/guardian clicks enroll button, pays with credit or debit card. ( You're legally covered by  AHA at this point)
Next Enrollment Forms are emailed to you as soon as I receive payment confirmation ,
You fill out your enrollment forms online.
Print and save to your PC.

 We firmly believe every parent has the right to home school,
 to teach their children what, where, when and how they choose.

We are here so you can do that. Our slogan and firm belief is simply
"Alabama Hope Academy is where you can focus on your home school and family, not your cover school."

We do not require any meetings, conference calls, attendance at field trips.

We want to support all home schoolers anyway we can. We are here when and if you need us, otherwise we stay out of your way.  
If you need info, support, or have any suggestions we are always here to help all we can.
Please contact support@alabamahopeacademy.com

 Are you ready to home school?
Click here to Enroll now.
We would love to have you! 

Homeschooling allows you to school, ANYWHERE at ANYTIME!!

Teach your children the things you believe will help them succeed the very most in life.


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