Your Questions, Our Answers.

When is Re Enrollment Due?

Our Re Enrollment due date is May 1st, of Each year. The deadline/ cut off date for re enrollment is May 15th. If your child has not been re enrolled by this date, we will notify public school superintendents office  immediately that your child will not be returning to AHA for the upcoming school year. And will no longer be covered under AHA after May 30th ( The end of your current school year ) 

How long does enrollment last?

Enrollment lasts from the time you enroll, whether it be ( example ) June 1st, or April 1st, until the end of our school year. 

(May 30th)

Does Enrollment include curriculum ?

Here at AHA we allow our parents to choose which curriculum works best for each child. We do not require, nor include any particular curriculum. 

Do I have to begin schooling my child at a certain time each day?

Of course not! Homeschooling has the purpose of focusing on you, and your child ,To ensure the very best education for your child. As the parent, you decide when the best time to start/stop each day.