Alabama Hope Academy has always tried to keep only Alabama state laws. We feel it unnecessary to put more rules, requirements on parents, homeschool families than the state requires. We have made one exception on required school days. The state law does not require any certain amount of days for a homeschooler in Al. but under Al tutor law it requires 140 days of school per year. Now we all  know public and traditional private schools have more like 180. So we do require 140 days per year, however, you may go over that amount as much as you like. Yes you may homeschool 365 days per year, provided you are enrolled with us for the whole 365 days.

 Any work , learning must be while you are enrolled. For example, your child learns during summer and you want it to be counted on transcript but you did not re enroll on time and you were not enrolled with any one at time of learning,  Those grades , credits etc will not count.  If you  did re enroll on time and it is summer, and your child learns, yes it will count.

We want the student to receive credit for all work done. The only way this is possible is if the parent/guardian who enrolled the student fills out and sends back to AHA a request for transcript.  This is a form where all subjects, grades, credits, school year, etc., goes so we have the correct info to put on the  transcript. Once you request form from AHA ,  the form is emailed to you with easy instructions for you to fill it out just like you did your enrollment forms. You send form back to us and we make your transcript.  It will be sent to new school once we receive request for school records from school or sent to you with diploma .
​  We must have that form before you have transcript.  All requests must be in to AHA on or before May 30,2017.

The Alabama State Law requires us to notify the public superintendent when a child does not re enroll, transfers or withdraws. AHA does this as soon as we receive transfer or withdrawal.  Our re enrollment is May 1st  of each year, Re Enrollment closes May 15th, If child is not re enrolled on or before May 15th, we notify public school that child did not re enroll, and will not be covered under AHA for the upcoming school year.  Can child  re enroll at later date? Yes, but instead of filling out just one form with re enrollment info you will be required to fill out all new enrollment forms again and notify your public superintendent again. You are liable for a late re enrollment fee as well. We have tried to make re enrollment effortless. You can pay re enrollment at any time during the year, after September, online at this site.  You can set up reoccurring payments so each year it is automatically taken out on May 1st.  Now really, could it be any easier? If you have any suggestions let us know at . Put suggestions in subject line.


Quick Recap

 140 days of school attendance required, but you may go over as much as you like.

  • Pay enrollment fee and at time fee is paid fill out and return enrollment forms. (Takes only average of 8 minutes.)
  • Parent/Guardian mails by standard mail or gives form to public superintendent.
  • Fill out and return request for and or diploma. ( All Requests must be made by May 15th )
  • At anytime while representing AHA, for example field trips, in members area,  etc., all parents/students  must behave in proper manner- no bad language etc.

AHA VS Other Cover Schools

 AHA sole focus is to make home schooling as simple,and enjoyable as possible.

  • We do not require any particular curriculum. And you do not have to ask for
    approval. You know what will work best for your family, No one else should be the judge of that. ( I am here for any questions you may have on deciding!)
  • We do not grade your child's work.
  • We do not require you to send in lessons.
  • We do not require you to touch base every quarter.
  • We do not have required meetings, and Field trips are completely optional.
  • We do not require any statement of faith! We welcome you as you are! 
  • AHA accepts enrollment year around.

I want to be here for support, and encouragement, Not to control your home. Every home
has different needs for each child. As a parent myself, I know what mine excels best in,
and what works best for my girls, and my family. I wouldn't want someone else to tell me what is best for my family, And I will not tell others what is best for theirs.
If any of my member's have any questions or concerns I am always here to help! 

Public VS Homeschooling

 Here is a small list of problems with public schools that you will not have to deal with while homeschooling:

  • Safety: At home you do not have to worry about who is taking guns, knives and weapons to school.  No fear of school bullies. Six out of ten American teenagers witness bullying in school once a day or even more.
  • Alcohol & Drugs: A study conducted by the National Center for Substance Abuse reported 5 million high schoolers-31%-say they "binge drink" at least once a month. A 15 year old who starts drinking is four times more likely to become alcohol dependent than one who waits until legal age. Seems most are getting drugs and alcohol from their public school not homeschool.
  • Sexual Pressure: The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy,(yes it has gotten to the  point in our world that we do need this organization and that is sad) 81% of children (yes kids) aged 12-14 including those who have lost their chastity-believe that kids are pressured to have sex to early. (Will this happen at home? I think not) Look at how a child will dress in public school compared to a homeschool child. The difference is simple, no pressure. They can express themselves as they like (parent approved of course) and not worry about having to fit in.
  • Ritalin-Free Kids: Really? Yes: Schools will typically label a child especially male as ADD or ADHD.  In fact any child that will not sit still can be labeled even a child with low body fat, that makes it uncomfortable to sit in a hard chair for long periods of time.  Then pressure goes on parents to medicate a perfectly normal child with psychoactive drugs such as  Ritalin, Adderall or even Prozac. Look up side effects on those drugs some time.  That same child can sit on soft sofa, chair, or rug on floor, etc.. We do not want to offend any child that is on these drugs, we understand some really need it and it helps them.

Here is small list of benefits to homeschooling:

  • Builds Family Bonds: Kids thrive under parental attention and parents get to really know their children. Siblings will be closer and kinder not only to each other but to other people. The family is closer and stronger.
  • Spiritual Training: At home, without peer pressure, your children not only hear what you say about your morals and beliefs they see it daily.  In the New Testament followers of Christ are disciples not students.  Disciples observe and model their teachers behavior. Students merely study, they receive information not application.
  • Real World Preparation: Where in your life do you spend all day with a group of 7-35  of your same age, doing activities that never yield any usable results? Public school is an unnatural environment, but we as parents grew up in it so we except it.   When our children are with us we know their learning styles, their natural gifts. We can teach them with the method that is natural to them, prepare them for their real world. How many high school graduates from public do you know personally that has no idea how to manage the simplest things that we use everyday? For example budget, checkbook, debit card etc? You can prepare your children with the daily essentials needed to grasp life after Graduation.